Chokhri is a singular effort to create a mosaic of women’s experiences; to amplify our voices, enhance agency, and attempt to quash the current feminist rhetoric. We want to crowdsource stories and resources from a vast interconnected network of women and their experiences.

Currently, our ecosystem is in violation of our most basic rights, further magnified by a lack of resources and education, and the inability to talk about taboo topics. National decision making has excluded us as stakeholders, so we decided to change that discourse. And we need your help to do it. Let’s collect evidence; highlight a lack of access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, the practice of victim shaming, faulty laws, and the exclusion of women in public policy.

We hope to build momentum for positive social reform, laws protecting choice, and better access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, including STD screening.

The conversation around sex and female bodies has to be normalised, and culturally challenged. You have to know it is okay to have desire, to feel sexual, and to want to be able to express that with a partner of any gender of your choosing. To treat sex as anything less than necessary, healthy, and a talking point is to do a disservice to women and society.

We find it important, now more than ever, for women to take ownership of the mic, raise their voices, and allow everyone to hear their story, and give everyone a chance to share their story. We seek representation across caste, colour, religion, political alignment and/or socio- economic status. No story is too small, no story too insignificant. Make your story visible purposefully, especially in the aftermath of an incidence where you could be made to fear society, culture, victim blaming, or the police and its tedious formal procedures.

Let’s heighten public consciousness and amplify our voices. Chokhris for collective advocacy.

Data is a powerful channel of information in a society. What we infer can change cultural discourse; even women’s position in history. It can change or reinforce social structures, and mobilize us as a society to challenge, and eventually change status quo.

Citizen generated data is especially important for issues surrounding women’s rights. Currently, relevant data isn’t gathered in our country, neither are laws passed. We hope to provide a way for women to contribute anonymously, or with all details should they choose to, so we can document and understand the scale of the problem.

We will build a definitive website or database where we crowdsource user-reported atrocities, resources and where to turn. The aim is for this to be a safe, unbiased, non-judgemental and vetted space for you to receive information and share your experiences.

First up, we applaud your courage, encourage your agency and support everything you want addressed. We’re in this together, and the multitude of stories will tell you just that. You can share any story you want corresponding to any of the following maps. Please note, no experience is too small, and not any too insignificant. You may also share anonymously.

  1. Sexual assault: This may include any incident including catcalling, indecent exposure, groping, molestation and/or inappropriate touching.
  2. Marital rape or rape by a partner: This may include any stories of sex with a partner without consent, feeling pressured and/or a lack of agency in intercourse.
  3. Abortion and sexual health: This may include stories of STD screening, swabs, access to contraception and/or safe and trusted abortion services. Please feel free to include incidents of judgements and/or the lack of information/support from a medical professional.
  4. Workplace harassment: This may include incidents of gender bias, blatant harassment and/or sexual harassment at your place of work by a peer and/or person of authority.

You may share your story any one of the following ways

  1. Tweet/Facebook/Instagram your story with the hashtag #chokhrisconvene.
  2. Email us at [email protected]
  3. Click on drop pin on any map and submit your story
  4. Reach out to us on our SMS/WhatsApp number and share your story and location
Marital Rape/Rape by a Partner
Abortion & Sexual Health
Workplace Harrassment
Sexual Assault